Jamie McWilliams

Jamie in ‘Trivial Pursuit’



My name is Jamie McWilliams  I would like to take a minute of your time to tell you all about my first year with the Stane Street Players. After seeing some of their productions and fully enjoying the pantomime with my family and watching the cast on stage enjoying themselves I thought that’ll do for me!  In 2013 I finally got up the courage to ring and ask about joining the group – so glad I did because all the members are a great bunch, not just to work with but socially as well. My first play was Trivial Pursuits, where I played a bit of a TV nerd. Then I played a ladies man in a school reunion murder mystery and in the same year I played a coke sniffing musician in Robin Hood and his Merry Menace. 2014 I was in my first pantomime as a cowardly guard. Thanks to the Stane Street Players  2013/2014 will be a memorable year.

If you have a desire to tread the boards a phone call to SSP is as good a start as any. Looking forward to working with you!

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