As the strains of Greensleeves, played by John Chillingworth, resounded beautifully around the historic Lamarsh church and the 7 narrators cleared their throats to start their readings, the world was plunged into blackness -no power. As the temperature dropped, the cast, carrying stools and music stands and cello joined the audience in their cold and dark walk from the Church to the Church Hall some 200 metres away.  One or two of the more frail audience members felt enough was enough and left the scene. Having eventually located the keys, the performance duly resumed, leaving a need for some improvisation by the cast in the new surroundings. As the sheep bleated out their chorus of “Four legs good, Two legs bad’ the performance was plunged into darkness yet again. Undeterred, the gallant readers carried on regardless, through four further breaks in power, utilising torches and wrapping themselves tighter into their clothes to keep warm. The combination of clear and effective reading and lovely music appeared to have been greatly appreciated by the audience who were generous with their applause at the end. So cast and audience trudged back to the still “powerless” church for light refreshments, by candlelight, kindly provided by the Church, apparently ending an unusual but highly enjoyable evening, not to be forgotten.  However for 3 of the narrators there was no escape from the cold and minor disaster as a punctured tyre proved to be difficult to remove before finally Napoleon saved the day.

John Sanders

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