SSP Presents – Old King Cole!!

The Stane Street Players performed Old King Cole for the 2013 annual panto at the Empire Theater at the weekend falling at the end of January. 

The group donated a share of any profits to Macmillan Nurses. Jackie Parish chose this particular charity by way of a thank you for all the help and support she and her family received so from the off we hoped to make as much profit as possible.

We had a lot of positive feed back and  we were delighted to perform such and entertaining piece.

Here’s a quick recap of the story!!

After the king decides it is time he found a wife, the town’s women, including royal cook Dotty Dumplin, are queueing up to audition for the role of Queen.

But Old King Cole has his heart set on Dotty’s daughter, Debbie Dumplin. Unfortunately Debbie has already fallen in love with the king’s aide Florian.

Meanwhile, King Cole’s evil brother Peski and wife Pariah are conspiring to unseat him from the throne, with help from a magic pool which reverses the ageing process and turns Old King Cole into Young King Cole. 

Halstead: Busy weekend for pantomime performers

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*Some content taken from our friends at the Halstead gazette 


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